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Human-powered & AI enhanced professional translations for all your business needs. Committed to your satisfaction.

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Translations for your every business need


Our hundreds of professional translators have thousands of work years combined,

rest assured your requested style and terminology will be respected.


Our four main products are as follows:



Our editors will make your  content error-free and more understandable.



Looking to expand your business? Have strict demands on

terminology used? Rely on the millions of words we have translated.



In-depth local knowledge of culture and contemporary language applied to your app, game or site.



Our copy-skilled linguists will recreate your content to fit the market aimed for.

Our customers

“A great partnership to our translation agency is a necessity for us to communicate in multiple markets and languages. Transfluent gives ASUS reliability, efficiency and most important of all - accuracy. Transfluent gives us peace of mind so we can focus on our products and not worry about translations.”

Dick Andersson, E-tail specialist
Asus Nordic

“Our cooperation has gone beautifully. We’ve been particularly delighted by Transfluent’s speed and customer service"
Annette Kauppinen, CMO
Gold&Green Foods Ltd.
“We have used Transfluent’s translation services for a wide range of documents. Despite the construction sector’s use of many special terms and expressions, we have received fast deliveries of highly serviceable translations from Transfluent. I warmly recommend them!”
Tommi Kahiluoto, Country Manager
Kingspan Oy, Paroc Panel System

“We have been delighted with Transfluent’s service, particularly its easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. Jobs can be ordered directly through a web portal. Clear information is provided on the price and project duration as you order.”

-Christa Tavan, Director Of Communications

“Translations by Transfluent are truly high quality. I am extremely happy to use their expertise when working on behalf of customers.”
Juha Pohjola, Team Leader, Payment- and travel expense services
Azets Insight Oy
“Transfluent has been able to fulfil our games localisation needs with precision, expertise and most importantly speed. Communication with them has always been excellent and we have received translations always on record time, often ahead of time. I would highly recommend them as a translation partner for gaming.”
Niklas Nygren, Producer
Nitro Games

Looking for specific expertise?

Our translators handle orders for tens of industry fields and subject matters on a daily basis. Tell us about your needs and we will surely have a resource for your project!


Your sites are your most visible contact points with the customer. Translating a web shop into the correct language is usually critical to securing more revenue. Our translators will help you to convert foreign traffic into international sales.


Technically correct translation is rarely enough for marketing and advertising needs. To add the flair necessary to telling a compelling story aimed at your target market, we will connect you with our story-telling native translators.


Amortization, off-balance-sheet items, IFRS: translating annual reports and financial statements requires knowledge of a range of specific terms. Transfluent's pool of translators includes annual report veterans sure to translate your documents accurately.

Videos and subtitling

Transfluent offers video translations and multilingual subtitling, done by experienced professionals. We believe that only videos localized with skill will speak to the audiences the right way.

Android or iOS, Playstation or Xbox? The choice of platform determines the terminology. We can provide you with a dedicated translator. In most cases, this person will be a gamer who knows the correct terms by heart.


Books and e-books remain to be important. At Transfluent, we always translate books as projects including a team of professionals for translating and proofreading. Done by our skilled translators, books will retain their original feel and tone of voice.


It takes a translator with years of experience to translate contracts, terms of service, and other sensitive material. Our certified legal translators are trusted by several major law firms.

Technical documentation

We've translated millions of words for several industry leaders into ten's of target languages. Operation manuals, service schedule sheets, assembly guides, and more.  

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9:00 - 16:00 (EEST)

New customers

Existing customers

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FI-00100 Helsinki


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