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To provide a good translation, a translator requires knowledge about the subject matter. We have hundreds of translators and can find you an expert, regardless of the theme in question.

Looking for specific expertise?

Legal translations

It takes a translator with years of experience to translate contracts, terms of service, and other sensitive material. Our certified legal translators are trusted by several major law firms.

Marketing and advertising

Technically correct translation is rarely enough for marketing and advertising needs. To add the flair necessary to telling a compelling story aimed at your target market, we will connect you with our story-telling native translators.


Android or iOS, Playstation or Xbox? The choice of platform determines the terminology. We can provide you with a dedicated translator. In most cases, this person will be a gamer who knows the correct terms by heart. Read more here on our gaming offering >

Financial translations

Amortization, off-balance-sheet items, IFRS: translating annual reports and financial statements requires knowledge of a range of specific terms. Transfluent's pool of translators includes annual report veterans sure to translate your documents accurately.

Websites and e-commerce

Website and e-commerce sites are your most visible contact points with the customer. Translating a web shop into the correct language is usually critical to securing more revenue. Our translators will help you to convert foreign traffic into international sales.

Video translations and subtitling

The demand for videos is growing day by day. Transfluent offers video translations and multilingual subtitling done by experienced professionals. We believe, that only videos localized with skill, will speak to the audience the right way.Read more here about video translations >


Books and e-books remain to be important. At Transfluent, we always translate books as projects including a team of professionals for translating and proofreading. Done by our skilled translators, books will remain their original feel and tone of voice also when translated.

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