Taking the next step in translation quality

Most of you know Transfluent as an agile, flexible and fast translation company – and this is how we want to continue to be known. However, as we expand our operations, more and more customers are turning to us with new kinds of projects where the quality of the translation is at least equally as important as the speed of the delivery.

As a language service provider, we rely on the talent of our translator resources. We have been fortunate enough to attract a group of professionals who take pride in their work. However, language is a complicated matter, and there are few cases where the old saying of “four eyes see better than two” is more true than in the context of translation. No matter how skilled and experienced a translator may be, having another linguist revise the work will improve the end result. Receiving feedback from a peer also provides the translator with an opportunity to develop their skills further and do an even better job on your next order.

While we have been offering revision for a long time already, it has been an optional extra that we have only used with some of our customers. Step by step, we have been expanding this approach to other accounts and seeing the positive developments in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.

Therefore, in light of the increased demand for even higher quality among our customer base, we are introducing revision by a second linguist as a default option in our translation widget for all our main languages. Customers can still order projects as “translation only” for cases where the translation will be revised internally or used for internal communication. For customer-facing material, we recommend always using two linguists as per the industry’s best practices.