Introducing Transfluent

Welcome to the official Transfluent blog! I think it’s appropriate to kick off the opening by giving a proper introduction.

At Transfluent, we have a mission. We want to make it easy and affordable for any business – large or small – to reach out to global markets. We are, so to speak, enablers of global communication. Our dreams are big, but the world is changing rapidly. As such, it is clear that the ability to effectively and efficiently communicate has become so critically important. Someone now needs to step up and address the new communication issues that have arisen from these rapid changes.

In this blog, we plan on diving into issues and questions surrounding languages, translation, and general topics regarding businesses’ pursuits of becoming global.

My name is Jani Penttinen, and I’m the founder and CEO of Transfluent. You can expect me to contribute actively, as I tend to have a great deal to say, and I love sharing information. The blog will also carry posts from the rest of our management team and developers, and we hope to occasionally host guest bloggers as well.

So, where are we now? We have a growing list of amazing pilot customers, and we’re ready to go fully live quite soon. Transfluent is already receiving praise. In fact, we’ve been announced as finalists at Arctic15 and White Bull awards. In addition to these events, we’re participating in a number of other events this fall, including TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2011, Pitch ’11, Slush Helsinki 2011, Mindtrek, New York Advertising Week, Web 2.0 Expo NYC and TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing 2011. At most of these events, we will either be presenting or will be hosting a demo table, so please come check us out!

We’d love to meet you in person, but if you can’t personally make it to any of these events, we’d be equally delighted to hear from you electronically. We’re on Twitter and Facebook. We have a website, and–get this–we read and reply to all incoming e-mail too. Follow us, and join the revolution!