Transfluent to the finals – see you at CeBIT!

CeBIT, the world’s largest IT industry show and international super-event, has just released its CODE_n competition finalists – and Transfluent is naturally on the list.

From over 400 entries, the best 50 innovators have now been invited to present their ideas to industry experts. It’s a great honour to be one of the “50 of the world’s most creative companies” that the Code of the New contest brings to Hannover for the battle for the grand prize: an award that will be granted to the most innovative IT solution for mobile life. We’re also especially happy to see our customer Kiosked, a hot Finnish start-up that provides a great in-image ad platform, joining us in the race to the top!

Be sure to come and meet us at our booth at CeBIT 2012 in Hannover, Germany from 6–10 March!

You can digg into more info here.