Transfluent, the white bull

Photo credit: Lincolnian (Brian)

A long, long time ago, when magic ruled the Earth, Zeus, King of all Gods, fell in love with the Phoenician princess Europa. Cunning as he was, Zeus transformed himself into a white bull to seduce her.

Naturally, the princess fell instantly in love with him when she saw him grazing in the field (like I said, it was a long time ago) and bore him three sons, all of whom became great world leaders. And thus, the continent of Europe was born.

At least this is how things happened according to White Bull Summit lore. The Summit believes in “magic, the transformation of ideas into something tangible, the power of relationships, Europe as a birthplace for excellence and, most of all, the Wily Beast.”

While this might sound a bit farfetched to some of you, here at Transfluent we believe every word… At least we do ever since we were announced winners of the 2012 Bully award last week.

This award caps an incredible week in the US for Transfluent. As well as meeting an amazing collection of people who were all hugely supportive of what we’re doing, I managed to find time to talk at the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Boston, and then attend New York Ad Week, where I was interviewed by the Huffington Post (I’m come on 3 minutes into this video).

When things are going extremely well it sometimes feels like the gods are on your side. I won’t comment on this (for fear of angering them), but I do feel like the enormous support that Transfluent has received over the last few weeks and months really validates what we are trying to achieve here: Connecting with your audience, in their own language, is more important than ever.

Thanks to all the supporters of Transfluent – and of course our translators – who have made this possible.