Welcome to our new site!

Happy New Year from Transfluent!

We had a great year in 2013, and we cannot be more excited to kick off the new year with a launch of our new website. Here at Transfluent, our goal is to help you be able to connect with more audiences with different language backgrounds in easy steps. We believe that this new site will be the starting point to unlimited opportunities of new relationships we can create.

In a nutshell, Transfluent provides professional language translation for social media, web and apps, and we are the only translation provider that is directly integrated to Facebook, Twitter, Zendesk, Magento and Weibo. We create opportunities for more people to notice and have a better understanding of your brand overall.

We are different from other translation services; we are a human-powered language translation service that gets the work done within minutes.

Our customers range from famous sports teams to rock bands and small start-ups to Fortune 500 giants and the need of our service is everywhere. You may already have numbers of fans or followers all over the world, but what good does it do when there is no one language that both parties can fully understand?

We hope to reduce, if not break down completely, the language barriers around the world in order to create a more connected world.

Here is a great example of how Transfluent service comes in handy.

One of our clients – a major sports team which we cannot name here – used to rely on traditional translation companies to translate their pre-determined Facebook and Twitter posts on games that had not happened yet. They were coming up with possible posts on the results for their future games a week in advance and had them translate, which took two to three days. But when there was something exciting or an emergency post that they would have liked to post, the team was not able to do so in languages other than English since the translation service would have taken too long, and also charged extra fee to do just a single Tweet or a Facebook post.

Now that they have Transfluent, they are able to update and post anything during a game or within minutes of when they would like it to be posted. Additionally, Transfluent allows you to use the service for as small as a single word! No need to worry about extra fees for a small translation. With our service, they were able to increase the number of likes and shares on a single post because of this ability to instantly share their news.

With the Winter Olympics coming up in Sochi next month, we will see more and more opportunities like this where our service would come in handy to reach a massive audience with different language backgrounds. We hope to be able to share our service with more and more people throughout the world so that our “globalized world” can actually become more connected and tuned with one another.

We thank you for your continuous support and interest. Please share with your community our great service and what we will be able to offer.

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