Exciting Visitors from Finland

Happy February from Transfluent!

It’s hard to believe January is already behind us. Transfluent has had an exciting start to February, as we welcomed a group of 28 people from Finland on Feb. 4.

The group, Bit Bang, consisted of post-graduate students from Aalto University, one of the top schools in Finland, and was led by two former Nokia Vice Presidents, Dr. Erkki Ormala and Dr. Yrjo Nuevo (who was also the former Nokia CTO). Bit Bang is a multidisciplinary post-graduate course at the University with a goal of providing its participants with a global and future-centric perspective on industry and businesses.

So it was only fitting for Bit Bang to visit the San Francisco Bay Area to learn about the Silicon Valley ecosystem. After visiting the Tesla factory in Fremont, they visited Transfluent at our Sunnyvale office, located in the Plug and Play Tech Center building. For those of you who do not know, Plug and Play Tech Center is a global accelerator with a main focus in growing tech startups. They currently support over 300 startups at this location, and have two other locations within the Bay Area.

(Click here to learn more about Plug and Play!)

Bit Bang was able to tour around Plug and Play and learned about how it started, why it exists, and their continuous support system that they provide to all of the startups located here. Plug and Play is the ultimate place for startups wanting to build relationships and connections within the Bay Area, and they are hoping to have a Finnish Pavilion within Plug and Play, which would act as a gateway to companies coming from Finland to the Bay Area. As of now though, Transfluent is the only Finnish company here, and our founder, Jani, gave a brief presentation to Bit Bang on Transfluent and its presence in the Bay Area.





After the presentation and the tour, the former Nokia VPs congratulated Jani on his success and their great admire for what Plug and Play does.

Adding on top of this exciting group visiting, Jani was interviewed by one of the students, Paulina, for a popular TV program for a Finnish National Broadcasting company called YLE. She interviewed Jani about his experience on bringing his business from Finland to the United States and what it’s like to work in the Bay Area.

Very exciting day for Transfluent and Jani for being able to provide a helping hand to the Finnish community!