Jani Gains Popularity in Japan

One of the most popular tech blogs in Japan, Techable, interviewed our CEO/Founder last week, and he has been getting so much attention in Japan!

We did not realize how quickly this would gain its popularity, but the post became the top story on Techable, and even after a day, it is still number one.

A lot of people have shared this post on Twitter and Facebook as well. We have been engaging with them in Japanese, and the feedback has been amazing. This user, for example, commented on the fast reply rate as well as how touching it was that Transfluent is engaging with him in his native language! This shows how people do love the “personal” touch that Transfluent can add to the translation service!

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 11.08.51 AM

Through this, we were able to re-learn the importance of engaging with customers. Not only were we able to show that we appreciate support, this allowed us to set a trustworthy ground as well as a great start to strong relationships that we can build with the Japanese community.

Thank you Techable for sharing about Jani and spreading the word about Transfluent!