Transfluent Launches App Localization to Every Language Supported by iOS and Android

Transfluent Unity Plugin 2.0 makes game localization so simple, even newbie developers can publish their games globally.

San Francisco, CA March 18, 2014

At Game Localization Summit, Transfluent today announced a completely rewritten version of its popular game localization toolkit for Unity. The new version makes it nearly effortless to localize games to virtually any language, as it gives developers direct access to Transfluent’s army of 50,000 translators in over 100 languages—all from within the Unity editor.

The new Transfluent Unity Plugin 2.0 adds direct support for commonly used user interface frameworks, such as Unity GUI, TextMesh, NGUI and 2D Toolkit. It comes with utility libraries and sample code so that even the least experienced developers can quickly localize their games.
Included in the package are translations of most common game-related phrases in dozens of languages, free of charge, and any game-specific text can easily be translated through Transfluent’s translation platform.

“It may be a surprise to many, but only 8% of the world speaks English as their first language, and 50% of the countries on the top 10 list for app downloads and revenue are non-English-speaking countries. Localizing games is the easiest, most cost-effective way to increase sales,” says Jani Penttinen, founder and CEO of Transfluent.

Transfluent for Unity is currently being used by select top-tier game studios around the world. Access is limited for now, but more developers are being admitted on a regular basis.
Game developers can apply for access to the toolset at

About Transfluent

Transfluent ( is a platform that uses over 50,000 professional translators worldwide to help clients automate communications in over 100 languages. Its service offers what traditional translation companies cannot—fast, dynamic, yet high quality.

Transfluent’s secret sauce is an advanced integration of a human-powered translator workforce into content management platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Zendesk and Magento. Transfluent is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, and Sunnyvale, California.

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