Transfluent Premium Powers Corporate Communication in Over 100 Languages

At the Transition Conference in New York, Transfluent today announced the launch of Transfluent Premium, an enterprise language translation service that meets the needs of today’s connected business world. Transfluent Premium facilitates near real-time translations in over 100 languages through an interface that is available on the desktop of every employee in the organization, as well as being integrated directly into business communication tools ranging from customer support to social media marketing.

With Transfluent Premium, any employee of an organization can easily drag and drop a file, choose a target language, and then receive a translated file as soon as it has been completed by the company’s preferred translation provider. This greatly reduces the overhead of dealing with translation providers and gives the companies a way to speed up their localization efforts. While a typical translation task using traditional channels takes anywhere from five days to three weeks, Transfluent can provide results within hours for documents or even just a few minutes for quick tasks like email messages.

Transfluent Premium handles virtually all known file types and can be customized to handle proprietary file formats as well. The service includes a user interface component that can be fully branded and customized for each client’s needs. Among the options are user access control, which allows one to choose which employees or partners have access to translation services, spending caps, and itemized reporting.

“Transfluent Premium is a response to feedback from our large corporate clients, who all have been telling us the same thing: they need to be able to localize their communication quickly and effortlessly” says CEO and Founder, Jani Penttinen. “This is an easy way to receive high quality translation fast, and that’s exactly what was missing before.”

Transfluent Premium is powered by Transfluent’s network of over 50,000 professional translators, which includes experts in legal, medical, and financial translations, among other fields, but it can also be connected to any language service provider or the client’s internal translation department. Transfluent controls one of the world’s largest networks of professional translators and is the only translation provider that is directly connected to all of the most commonly used business communication tools.

Transfluent Premium is available for enterprise customers only. Access to the service can be applied for at

About Transfluent

Transfluent provides professional language translation for social media, customer service, and apps. Transfluent is the only translation provider that directly integrates with Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Zendesk, Magento, and Weibo.

Transfluent’s customers include some of the world’s largest companies, top-ranking celebrities and athletes, famous universities, and a whole range of leading companies aiming for global markets.

Transfluent Premium is a fully customizable enterprise solution that brings Transfluent’s language translation services into internal use at large corporations.