Give Your Site the Feel of a Local Business and See the Benefits

Don’t you just love going to the bakery on the corner of your block on a Saturday morning and ordering a coffee with your favorite pastry right from the owner who has been selling their homemade goods for years? How does a large business or corporation without a retail presence earn the trust and loyalty of a global consumer market? You like shopping and spending your money where you are comfortable, and until recently corporations spent billions trying to overcome the obstacle of being considered outsiders. Now the smart money is spent trying to convince consumers you are actually just another local business.

It’s proven that people spend more money when they feel comfortable. A study from Concordia University in 2013 proved that when people feel more “at home,” they are likely to reach a bit deeper in their pockets than usual when it comes time to buy. This is a science that shopping malls and casinos have perfected, coming up with the exact temperature that elicits the most spending from customers and even nice, homey scents that entice people to spend more dough at one time. With a website, you don’t have control over all of those factors, but what you can control is the language. It’s been shown that people are more likely to spend on a page in their native language. It’s more trustworthy to them, and they can be more certain of exactly what they are getting.


When translating your site into another language, it’s important to go the extra mile and pay strict attention to small details like colloquial and regional phrases. Take for example, the American phrase “Have it together.” Americans know that it means being organized, on time, lucid and present. But, to foreigners who are unfamiliar with the phrase, it could pose a confusing situation if they saw it or heard it! A foreign example is the word pilas, meaning batteries in most Spanish speaking countries but in Columbian Spanish it means “caution” – a phrase usually marked by the term “cuidado” in most other Spanish speaking countries.


Making your site feel local also has to do with how people find your site. Having appropriate local keywords on your translated pages along with other on-page optimization methods can greatly improve the traction your site has with the intended audience and search bots as well. With SEO local translations, you can stay on target, while making sure your product is reaching even more people than ever before.


Strong brands are built on clarity of message and that includes reaching each potential customer in their own language. You have worked hard to achieve the look and feel of your company’s brand. Transfluent ensures that your vision and messaging stay true to the intended themes (or specialties) established for your customers. It’s as much about tone as it is about word choices.