The all new Transfluent is here – bigger, better and ready to serve you!

It’s finally here! Today we’re launching the new Transfluent – the world’s best language translation service just got a whole lot better. This is the biggest update we have ever made,  a result of more than a year of hard work across all locations of our global organization, so let me highlight some of the biggest changes (yes – the site looks very different now, but that’s just a small change comparing some of the really cool stuff!)

Business class

The flagship feature of Transfluent is our new business class translation service. We’ve rebuilt everything from scratch and improved every aspect of the service. We can now handle highly technical and demanding tasks in practically any file format. We can also provide social media and ecommerce translations with really intense volumes, lightning fast.

Economy class

On a budget? Welcome to our new Economy tier, offering high-quality professional service at an affordable price. This service level is ideal for casual content where the text is fairly generic and all you need is a fluent translation into another language.

Expert-level translations

One of the limitations of the “old Transfluent” was that we weren’t able to provide translations requiring domain expertise or special skills. Sure, we have always had a lot of translators, but early on we didn’t realize how important it was to focus on building expertise in specific areas (such as gaming), instead we just focused on linguistic quality.

We’ve addressed this by segmenting translators based on their area of expertise, and sparing no effort in finding the best translators around the world for gaming, law and medicine (more segments will be added in the near future). For customers with continuous translation needs, we’ve even built a system that sets up a dedicated team of translators to cater for your needs any time you need.*

Agency quality at massive scale and incredible speed

Transfluent now provides translations that fully meet translation agency quality, and we are still able to reach massive scale when needed, at a speed that is second to none. Try out the new Transfluent now and let us know what you think.

Don’t wait – open now!

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* Business class translators are available for all customers. Taking advantage of dedicated teams requires a minimum annual spend (contact us for details).