How to handle customer care in any language?

So, a customer sends you an email in Japanese. This is all very exciting, until you realize that nobody in your team speaks the language. Oops. What do you do? You know it could be important and the customer should receive a response soon – in their own language.

Then you remember about the new Zendesk app from Transfluent, which allows you to read any incoming email in English, regardless of the language it was written in. You write a reply in English, click send, and off it goes – fully translated into the customer’s language!

How does it work? Good question! Unlike all the other solutions that claim to provide localized customer support, but actually just wrap a machine translation to an outgoing email, this Zendesk app actually connects directly to a service that is one of the leading professional language translation providers in the world – Transfluent.

Incoming emails are translated by machine (since they are for your eyes only, and your main concern is to read them fast) while all outgoing emails are translated by real people – native speakers of the customer’s language. The end result is that your customer thinks they are dealing with someone who is a native speaker of their language!

If you are using Zendesk to handle your customer care, check out the Transfluent App from the Zendesk marketplace today (just click on search and type “transfluent”). If you are using another solution – get in touch with and let us know. Perhaps there is something we can do to help you out!

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Jani Penttinen

Founder and visionary with a passion to connect the world by eliminating language barriers. Jani believes anything is possible, and that giving up is not an option. He is a family man and globe-trotting artist.