International Start Ups in the Silicon Valley

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As California becomes increasingly popular for start-ups, we’re taking notice that more international start-ups are moving here to live the American dream and trying their hand at their own businesses – whether it they offer mobile apps, services, or products.

With so many new competitors entering the start-up life, how are these companies going to translate and convey what they’re trying to do in English? How are they going to understand the endless contracts to be signed and initialed? And what can be done when the companies have something that needs to be done within a time limit?

Of course, they can throw it into Google Translate, but it really won’t show the definite meaning of all the papers and documents. This is where human translation comes in. Companies like Transfluent are able to harness these translation tools and fully explain all the complicated contracts and documents that may need to be read correctly and thoroughly by the new companies.

We can all admit that coming to a new place is scary, but it becomes at least ten times more intimidating when you’re in a new environment AND trying to start from scratch. We no longer have to figure everything out on our own – international companies can quickly redirect all documents and papers to companies that utilize human translation and connect to potential clients and customers on a personal level!

So it’s great to hear that all these companies are adventuring to the Land of the Free and trying their hand at starting their own companies! Why not make it easier for these companies to settle into the beautiful Silicon Valley by providing human-powered translation for all their business needs?