Start Ups in the Silicon Valley

I want to say that at least 30 people within five miles of you are thinking about starting a start-up right at this moment. Why? Because we live in a society that encourages creativity and entrepreneurship, and it is absolutely great! So what’s the problem? Start-ups are always in need of driven, determined individuals who aren’t afraid of getting their hands a little dirty with some good, old-fashioned hard work, people who aren’t afraid to work around the clock, over the clock, and even through the clock to get things done! And guess what? We’re surrounded by these people – we just don’t see it!

New college graduates are perfect for start-ups!

Now, of course, your first thoughts are probably somewhere along the lines of “They’re not qualified,” “They’re too young,” and so on, but don’t underestimate the brains of new college graduates. Our universities have taught us to be quite demanding in our work, not only in education but also in our jobs and internships. We’re quick to learn, and we’re eager to learn. A majority of us have a solid background before we even graduate! All new graduates need is a chance to prove themselves, and you’d be shocked how hard they are willing to work at their first job! No other individuals are more ready to hit the ground running than those who are fresh out of college. No other individuals are more determined or hard working than people who have been in school going from class to class for the past four or five years!

Don’t be surprised – a lot of companies aren’t aware of this secret information, but start-ups shouldn’t be excluded! So, before all the new graduates get snapped up by larger companies, here’s the inside scoop for all the new companies out there: new graduates are looking for jobs, and start-ups are looking for hardworking people, so they should hook up!