The Widget that handles all your translation needs

The Transfluent translation widget is a very convenient little tool that allows you to request translations for virtually any content, performed by some of the world’s most experienced linguists, any time of day. It may sound simple, but it has the power to change your life. We’ve already observed it with many of our customers.

What makes it so special? Well, here’s the thing. A reliable, convenient translation tool lets you communicate and do business with the whole world. That is exactly what the Widget is all about.

“Drop a file to the widget, and receive it translated to your email moments later.”

That’s the core function and you can get started with translations right away by clicking on the Translate now button below.


If you’re not ready to start yet but instead want to learn more, let’s walk through the Widget screen by screen, to give you a detailed view.


1. Choose the translator level that matches your needs.

For quick, everyday translations, our Economy level works really well. If you need publishable quality (such as a website or a brochure), or have an important email to send to a business prospect, the Business class is a safe bet. For content that requires domain expertise, such as games or legal documents, please click on the Expert selection and choose the specific expertise you need from a pulldown menu.


Click on your selection (Business-level is the default if you don’t click anything) and then hit NEXT.

2. Add the content to be translated!

This is the point where you upload files or type in text to be translated. You may type text, or you may choose files from your computer to upload, or you can drag and drop files to the Widget.

The Widget is very smart. It understands nearly all commonly used file types and can immediately tell you how many words your Word, Excel or other files contain. The number of words will determine the cost and time it takes to provide a translation.

If the number of words cannot be determined (if, for example, you are uploading a type of file that we don’t recognize), don’t worry. We may not give you an instant quote, but our team will get back to you with a quote as soon as they have analyzed the content.


3. Add instructions

Next, give the translators any special instructions. We already know you need something translated, and you choose the language to translate into on the next screen. At this point, just tell us whether you want formal or casual translation, any brand words that we need to look out for, and so on. This step is optional, but it helps the translators do a better job.


…Click on the “Add instructions” and insert a couple of points, something like this:



4. Add more files if needed

Once all the content has been added, hit NEXT to move forward.



5. Choose language(s)

We automatically detect the original language of your file, but you need to tell us what languages you want your file translated into. Click the “THESE LANGUAGES” button to open up the language selector.


Select the language(s) you want your text translated into. We will translate into as many languages as you want! After making your selection, click “Done” and return to the previous screen.



The top of the screen will now display an estimated delivery time, as well as the total cost. Hit NEXT to proceed to the confirmation page.


6. Confirm and pay

Please review your order carefully, and, if necessary, go back to previous screens to make any changes. If we were not able to determine the word count in the earlier phase, you will be able to submit a request for quote, and once you receive the quote via email you will be able to finish the order process.


The left side of the screen displays information about your order, and the right side is where you make the payment. We accept major credit cards from around the world. The payments are processed securely by our payment processor Stripe.


If you already have an account with Transfluent, this step is super easy. Just click “sign in” and enter your details (or use Google login). If you already have a credit card stored in your profile, your payment process will look like this:


Couldn’t be easier!

And just in case you’re wondering about security, Transfluent will not store any credit card details, even if you save your card to your account. In fact, we will never even know what your credit card number is! All credit card data is being handled securely by Stripe, and all we receive is a handle that identifies that you have paid.