How Gaming Industry Learned From Language Translation

From the time we are young until we are all well into adulthood, we all know at least one friend of ours who still plays video games. Online gaming sites give the opportunity for people all over the world the ability to not only learn the games, but also the rules of the game and are even give the opportunity to modify the games! In 2004, the projections for this industry were merely a portion of what they were actually going to become today. From predictions of being just a 10 billion dollar industry, the gaming business has actually grown to over 40 billion dollars-that’s bigger than the translation industry that’s at 35 billion dollars!

Being able to capture a large percentage of the market is a top priority for many brands and the gaming industry but with so many upcoming competitors, marketing experts are in the midst and searching for more cost effective ways to create more interesting ROI’s that would exceed the client’s expectations.

Translation and Cultural Marketing have proven to be great methods for several reasons.

For starters, internal customer analytics have repeatedly shown that people feel more comfortable spending money online when the site, and especially conversion or payment pages, are in their native language. It’s easy to understand this outcome if you put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes for a moment and see the immediate difference between the clarity of site written for you to understand as compared with the confusion of hoping you understood something that feels as if it was actually meant for someone else to be using, right?

A primary example would be the gambling industry. The Antigua & Barbuda passed the Free Trade & Processing Act, which allowed the license of online casino businesses. Online gambling has been an international affair since it took off in the late 90s and by 1996, there were 15 registered online gambling sites and within a year, it grew to 200! Today, with the legalization in some US States (including Nevada and New Jersey) the potential for growth is leading to high volume digital traffic providers into the industry.

Today, the markets are developing the simple online gaming to attract consumers because in the past year alone, gaming increased in China by 34%! With 1.4 billion people in China, that’s a lot of dollar signs for online casinos that manage multiple dialects and norms of each region, making your gaming website more appealing to Chinese clientele could go a long way towards increasing the conversions and the value per acquisition.

If you’re looking for your business to grow and you’re ready to monetize all the emerging markets more effectively, human-powered translations are the way to go! Transfluent is a great company that has the ability to assist businesses by ensuring that you are not only speaking their language, but also providing the entertainment of casino action through the international markets.