The easiest way to earn $1,000 – Transfluent referral program

We at Transfluent feel proud. Our customers are so happy with our service that they want to tell their friends about us. We always work hard to be the best translation company on the planet, but ultimately it is our valued users who decide if we have succeeded. And it seems like we have been doing pretty well. In fact, most of our new clients come to us as referrals from existing customers.

Now, I’m excited to announce that we are launching a super-generous referral program. This is the best referral program in the translation industry, and one of the most generous referral programs I have ever seen. The reason is pretty simple – once a business starts using our service, they are in for good. It’s practically impossible to go back to the old way of doing localizations once you have experienced how easy and convenient it is to use Transfluent. And since we know new referrals are likely to be happy customers for a long time, so why not reward the referrer?

Effective immediately, you can earn up to $1,000 in translation credits for each new customer you refer to us (see details below). That’s right—recommend us to a few friends and pay your next translation project using your well-deserved referral bonus!

Here are the rules:

  • Look for your personalized referral link in the welcome email you receive after creating a Transfluent account. Share the link with your friends and tell them to try out the world’s best translation company!
  • Your bonus depends on their spending during the first 3 months after joining.
  • Get $100 in translation credits if they spend $100 or more, $300 worth if they spend $300 or more, or a whopping $1,000 worth if they spend $1,000 or more.
  • Your bonus is paid in credits to your Transfluent account and cannot be converted to cash. You can use it to pay any translation orders.
  • You can track your referrals and your bonus in the account settings page, in real time.

Wondering how likely it is that a customer spends $100, or $1,000? We can’t promise any results of course, but historically referrals tend to become paying customers with good conversion rate. Out of those who become paying customers, most end up spending way more than $100. One out of seven spend over $1,000.

You may promote Transfluent in social media, blogs, emails—any way you choose. Just please don’t spam anyone, and remember the most important part of this program: your friends will learn of a service that will make their life easier. That’s the real reason for recommending us, not the mountains of credits you will end up earning. ;)

What are you waiting for? If you don’t have a Transfluent account yet, open and sign up now to receive your personal referral link. Everyone needs translation services in the new globally connected world!