Transfluent Staff Profile: Hanna Rantasalo

Today I would like to introduce you to one of staff, Hanna Rantasalo, Financial Administrator. She keeps us on top of billing and accounts. I sat down with Hanna for a brief chat where she told me about her background, hobbies and interests as well as what she brings to the team at Transfluent.

Sheena: Tell me a little about yourself.
Hanna: I’m a person who likes to experience new things, travel to different countries and meet new people. In the summer time I like to hike in the woods with my two dogs and go to music festivals. This year’s new thing is I’m going to jump from an airplane!

Sheena: How did you get involved in Transfluent?
Hanna: My friend (Lauri) was working at Transfluent and he told me that the company was searching for a finance person. I was interested so I sent in my CV. I got the job!

Sheena: What are you hoping to achieve, strengthen, or improve at Transfluent?
Hanna: Being part of new growing company is interesting. It gives me the opportunity to improve myself and my skills as well as to better the financial processes in the company.

Sheena: How important is translation in your field of expertise?
Hanna: Very! We have contracts that need to be translated. Everyone who needs to sign the contract must understand what they are signing.

Sheena: Why would you recommend transfluent?
Hanna: Transfluent is reliable and flexible, we have professional translators around the world.

Sheena: Where is your favorite place to visit and why?
Hanna: Vienna, I was studying there for half year and the city feels like a second home to me. Vienna is a beautiful place. There is so much to see and experience. One day you can enjoy the day in the park dogs running free and another visit museums, relax in the cafes or shop.

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Image Source: Vienna Christmas by Roderick Eime is licensed under a CC by 2.0