Transfluent Staff Profile: Ville Miettinen

Today I had the chance to speak with our Operations Manager, Ville Miettinen. While new the field of translation, Ville brings over five years business experience and a number of skills to Transfluent. He is currently completing his Master’s degree in Industrial Management at Aalto University in Helsinki.

Sheena: So I understand you’re a student? Does Finland have the same college levels as we do in the USA?
Ville: Yes, we have bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees. I’m working on my master’s right now in Industrial Management with a minor in applied mathematics.

Sheena: Wow! How are you using those skills here at Transfluent?
Ville: Being both an engineer and a business type gives me a unique perspective on the company. As a digital native I can see how important translation is becoming as the Internet continues to expand and change the landscape of Global business. The world is slowly uniting and it’s very exciting!

Sheena: What are you hoping to bring to the company?
Ville: I identify as an entrepreneur and a leader. I think the most valuable contributions I am making are a pair of fresh eyes, a new way of thinking, and a different world-view. I am also familiar with a great many different tools we can use to improve our processes and customer experience.

Sheena: What do you enjoy doing on your off time?
Ville: Besides studying for school, I enjoy all kinds of sports. I love being outside, nature and spending time with friends and family. They are the most important thing.

Sheena: Any particular kind of sport you play most?
Ville: Well, I coach football (soccer, for you in America). It’s great fun!

To see how Transfluent is applying Ville’s innovative thinking, visit our Products page.


Sheena Vandevanter

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