Staff Focus:  Risto Kinnunen

Joining us on the blog today is Transfluent’s Account and Operations Manager, Risto.

Sheena:  Hi Risto! Tell me a little bit about your background.

Risto: I am 39 years young Finn with two kids and a burning desire to make things work and happen. Although I graduated with an M.Sc. about 12 years ago from Helsinki University of Technology, nowadays Aalto University, I have not done that much in my career related to engineering.

My interest has always been more on strategy, business development, product management / marketing and the sales side of business. I spent around 9 years at Nokia headquarters in a variety of positions. After leaving Nokia I have seen how smaller companies operate and can change the world.

Sheena: What brought you to Transfluent?

Risto: The first time I noticed Transfluent was maybe 2013 when people I know talked about the company and also started working here. The Slush party in 2014 was fantastic and really caught my attention. Then about a year ago when my previous contract ended I called a friend of mine and asked if there would be demand for my skill set at Transfluent. There was interest and in due time I came onboard, which I find outstanding!

Sheena: A lot of your work centers around ensuring that our customers get a good value.  Can you share a story about one time you are particularly proud of helping someone?

Risto: First, let me say that I am helping our customers every day.  What seems like a small thing to me is a big deal to them so there are lots of those moments.

One case does come to mind where I received a call asking if we could translate a presentation to be given maybe a week later. We were able to turn it around in a day. When returning the translated presentation to the customer he said that another agency quoted the same presentation taking two weeks!

Sheena: How do you like to spend your time off?

Risto: I love playing sports and spending time outdoors, especially with my family and friends. During summer time we tend to be out on the sea preferably sailing. On cold winter days when there’s plenty of snow around I love to ski or go sledding with my kids.

Sheena: Where do you see Transfluent going in the next few years?

Risto: As Jani wrote earlier, I also see Transfluent being the future of translation industry. Even though there will be solutions utilizing machine translation, like Tomi wrote, there will be need for human participation to ensure quality. Every day we see the need for businesses to localize their content.  This need is not going away so the future seems bright to me.