Price-matching your translation projects

We’re doing something crazy, simply because we believe Transfluent is the best translation service out there, and we want to give everyone a chance to experience it.

During October, we will offer price matching against all professional translation companies out there. The way it works is simple: just email us a quote ( you have received from another translation company, and we will do the same work for 5% less than the quote.

We can work on all languages and language pairs, all specialties and all file formats. If the requested language pair or file format is not available at the time quoted, we will offer to add such capability if you accept our quote.

Please contact our sales if you have any questions at all!

The small print

  1.     As with all offers, there are some limitations. As we are a translation company that works with highly skilled professional translators only, we will need to limit the price matching to other professional service providers. This means we won’t match against “bulk” or “hobbyist” translation providers who offer very low rates but also questionable quality.
  2.     Our work will be made to the same or higher standards as the quoted job.
  3.     If our pricing normally would be lower than the quote you send, then obviously you will be billed whatever is the lowest option.
  4.     If you choose to accept our offer, we will create an account for you (or use an existing account if you have one) to and place the order through our translation widget. There is no obligation to continue using our services.