Why the Translation Industry has Stagnated

Most of the Translation Industry really is in stagnation. Yet, pretty much all translation agencies claim that they are fully digital and incorporate Information and Communications Technology (ICT) best practices. In reality, they are not fully digital and they do not incorporate the most efficient practices, as email is way too often the key component in their operations.

To highlight the fundamental difference in Transfluent’s operation efficiency, our translation services could fully function without a single email. Of course we use email, for example to send credit card payment receipts, but our primary channel for operations is not a digital version of  snail mail, but rather a state of art digital service platform. This operational efficiency is not just a marketing buzzword, but something that brings cost savings and ease of use to our customers. For example, to get a quote, you just drag-n-drop a file into our widget and with just couple of clicks you may order the translation.

It is not just the translation industry that is stagnated, but overall localization processes are outdated. First of all, the cost of translation is not standardized or understood. In many cases translation work is done in-house, but costs are not reported. If, for example, a software company has the engineers or developers do the translation for documentation of their work not only will it cost the company more (since developers typically garner a higher salary than translators), but you may end up with sub-par translation.  Professional translators on the other hand cost less and their key competence is in making content clear in other languages.

Secondly, even if you don’t do your translations in-house and know the associated cost for professional translation, you should find out if your employees find translation tasks cumbersome. They probably do, not because of the translation but because of the process. Let’s find out why:

You start with a document.  First, get a quote from a translation vendor.  After waiting, you get an email from the translation company with your quote, only now the document has been edited (again.)  You send the new document back to your vendor.  This time they are at full capacity.  You try another vendor.  They don’t support the language pair you need.  Finally you find a vendor that is available and supports your needs.  You get a quote and now it has to go up for payment approval, meaning more emails, phone calls and delays… what a nightmare!

We do it better. Drag and drop the file into the widget, get the quote immediately and place the order right away. Need changes? Drop the revised file into the widget for a new instant quote.

Ready to translate?  What about payment approval?  Managers may pre-define budgets or the widget can be integrated into an e-procurement system like Basware’s solutions.

Once the project is underway, there can be multiple stakeholders – even without their own Transfluent accounts – who can communicate with the translators directly.

In a nutshell, Transfluent brings more visibility to your projects, a true digital process and operational efficiency to the translation industry combined with easy to use service to your whole organization. Get started now and leverage the true digital services of today!

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/1-29wyvvLJA


Tomi Heiskanen

"My main mission is to super power you!" Tomi believes that technology boosts productivity when it is easy to use and when all manual tasks are automated.