The Recipe for a Great Translation Team

Have you ever wondered how it is that Transfluent provides such consistently great work?  How are we able to guarantee that our quality is exceptional every time?  Let’s take a peek into the translation kitchen and see…

The first ingredient needed is education.  A good education is the foundation for quality work as well as a good work ethic.  The college experience is about more than taking classes, it is about learning to navigate bureaucracy, show up on time (without a parent prying you out of bed), and being exposed to new people and ideas.  Whether someone’s degree is in linguistics or liberal arts, the important thing is that they had the tenacity to finish what for many is a daunting experience.

While a basic degree is required, we also look for candidates with additional education.  Certifications, masters programs, and continuing education courses (especially translation related) are a valuable enrichment.

Next we’ll add a heaping amount of experience.  While we love to give students the opportunity to learn by working on certain projects, our core team is made up of vetted, experienced translators.  We look not only for experience in translation but for specialized knowledge within certain fields such as gaming, medicine, legal and tech.  When you order translation at the Expert level not only are you getting the benefit of years of translation experience but a deep understanding of field-specific terminology and nuance.

The above mixture gives us a great foundation.  The next ingredient is vital – attitude.  We look for translators who are customer oriented, solutions focused and positive.  The transfluent team (at all levels) is flexible, agile, and always willing to adjust to address new challenges as they arise.

Before any of this goes into the oven don’t forget that I mentioned our translators are vetted.  That means that we take the time to verify that the credentials they have presented are valid and their references are good.  Before a translator can “go live” we also check their work.  Naturally not all of us in the home office are conversant in every language we support, so we rely on our established translator base to review the work of new hires before they accept their first job.  Even after, we are vigilant about quality control.

And now it’s time for our final, and perhaps most important, ingredient: Love.  Our translators love what they do.  Their passion is clear in their work, in how they communicate, their eagerness and excitement.  It is a privilege to work, not only with a management team, but with workers on the front line who wake up happy to go to work every day.  They love what they do and it shows!

Image: “Now, add baking powder..” by Bianca Moraes is licensed under a CC by 2.0