Continuous translation

Modern software development relies on continuity: continuous delivery, continuous integration and so on. The localization process however, is usually a separate waterfall project with little or no visibility. What if there was a way to achieve continuous translation?

A good chunk of our customers are software developers: gaming companies, app developers and SaaS vendors. We have worked hard to provide the best process of localizing software. It is simple and fast to setup. First, set up a deployment hook, e.g. a Github hook that triggers translation calls when a new version is tagged. The translation call consists of sending the files and translation request to our API. Once the translations are done, we construct the translated files in the same format and deliver them to your callback URL. The callback updates the repository with the latest translations. Now you are ready to deploy!

While it is easy to setup the automation, speed and ease of use are not everything. Quality is topmost priority in any software localization. No worries, we have got that covered! First of all, we parse the comments from the source files and display them next to the translation keys. You may embed screenshots for the translator as well. Providing access to a test environment or a demo version of the product also helps. You may be interested defining prefered translators for your project so that the same translator will always translate the updates. We are happy to discuss the best way of providing context and supporting information to the translators – and we are eager to improve the process even further!



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Tomi Heiskanen

"My main mission is to super power you!" Tomi believes that technology boosts productivity when it is easy to use and when all manual tasks are automated.