Expand Your Reach! Multi-Language Websites Made Easy

As the Internet continues to make the world a smaller place, products and services are being shared across continents. Large companies have known for some time that they needed to make their content available in multiple languages. Now that web development is easier and more affordable, why not expand your business to reach a wider audience?

Get Your Website Up!

Do you need a new website or perhaps your current one needs a makeover? Before you get to work consider building something that can easily transition to multilingual from the start.

Just a few short years ago if you wanted to build a multi-lingual website you would have to seek out expensive web developers to create it for you. Tools like Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly make it easy to create a beautiful, professional site using a simple a drag and drop interface.

Many of the templates on Wix come with multiple language capability baked in. The coding is done for you. Weebly offers a multi-language app in their App Center that allows visitors to choose their language. Squarespace doesn’t currently have any multi-language tools but they do offer a helpful tutorial that makes it easy.

If you already have a website that you love, fear not! There are lots of tools and add-ons out there for content managers like WordPress. Standard sites can easily be built out to create “mirror” sites in other languages. Just point visitors to the appropriate URL from your front page and you’re done. Web developers can implement more sophisticated tools that do things like detect the visitor’s language or present language options in a drop-down menu.

Translate & Localize

Some available tools will offer to automatically generate translated content using Google Translate or other machine translation service. This may be tempting as it is free; however, the translation you will get will be, at best, barely recognizable and at worst insulting. For more on the horrors of bad translation see my earlier blog.

After you have selected the languages you wish to translate your website into it is important to pick the right translation partner. You want someone who has translators in the regions you’ll be serving (for local expertise), a team that is qualified, and a partner that understands your product.

As exemplified in past Case Studies, Transfluent provides all three. We vet our translators to ensure they are the best. Many have subject matter expertise in specific areas such as legal, medical and gaming, which can give your web copy an extra edge. Transfluent can handle website translation from end to end whether you have a simple brochure web page, complicated e-commerce site, dozens of landing pages, or a membership site with hundreds of users.

Now go out there and get global!

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