Avoid the Word Blender: How to successfully port your site to foreign markets

Let’s talk about your website.

Your home page and product landing pages are where current clients go for information and, more importantly, where potential clients are converted into customers. Each page has a particular purpose and has (hopefully) been written with care, preferably by a professional copywriter. Studies have shown that word selection is critical to conversion. As noted by author Kevan Lee, “Neurologically, we have an instinctual reaction to words and language.” Our brains automatically translate words into images that create an emotional response.

Creating a website that works requires the careful selection keywords for SEO and crafting meaningful copy that targets your audience. The investment in time and money to create landing pages that do their job can be considerable.

Are you ready to go global?

Fantastic! Don’t let all the hard work you put into constructing your site go to waste by selecting a translation company that won’t do it justice. If you recall, I wrote an earlier article about the horrors of bad translation. Imagine if all those fantastic keywords you worked so hard on were put into a blender with a bunch of random grammar and syntax. A word smoothie will not convert clients.


Without Transcreation: Our product will to be letting you have best time on vacations, next year. Family and child will be great fun! 

With Transcreation: Thanks to our product, you will have the best time of your life on your next vacation. The whole family will enjoy a fun, meaningful experience.


At Transfluent, we provide human-powered, high-quality translation on demand. You can upload your entire website and have it translated by a specialist that understands the terminology used by professionals in your field. Let us do the hard work of carefully transcreating your well-crafted copy. In-country, native-speaking translators will inject the nuance and localized composition to successfully port your pages into new markets.

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