Transfluent acquires WordNerd!

I’m so excited to announce that Transfluent has acquired game localization specialists WordNerd! We’re big on game translations, and having WordNerd join us will make our game localization unit one of the top providers on the planet.

WordNerd founder Laura Gutierrez becomes Transfluent’s Head of Game Localizations. She is simply the most talented game translation manager I know. In just two years she built WordNerd into a real powerhouse, serving translations to some of Finland’s top gaming studios. Prior to founding WordNerd she was in charge of support and localizations at Supercell.

Laura and I share the same vision. We’re on a mission to build the world’s leading game localization studio. We feel games should be localized to the highest quality – every game is unique and needs a highly personalized approach. And of course, all gamers deserve to have access to games in their own language.

We also understand that game developers are incredibly busy people. Our job is to make localization as seamless as possible, taking the pain out of the process and letting the developers focus on tuning the game.

Under Laura’s guidance, Transfluent will adopt many of WordNerd’s best practices. Game localization is a work of art that needs special attention and a skilled, game-oriented group of dedicated translators. WordNerd’s customers can expect to receive the same loving care as they have come to expect. We will just provide a lot more resources and technology to help improve the operations even further.

If you don’t know Laura, please check out her excellent podcast here.

While gaming is an exciting vertical and we definitely see a lot of growth in the upcoming years, Transfluent continues to provide translations across various business sectors, from marketing to business documents, legal to medical text, and so on. With this in mind, our roles are clear. I trust Laura to run the game localization side, and I will continue to drive us through the jungle of business translations!