The Translation Race

Remember using a payphone to call a taxi? Now we use smartphones to order a ride share that finds our location via GPS.

Technology improvements are not overnight miracles. They are not sprints to the finish line, but rather more like a triathlon.

In the first leg, technology is validated by early-adopters and improved so that it is easy to pick up by the majority of users (think first generation iPhones). In the second leg, the technology becomes mainstream, making it cheaper due to high production volume (smartphones are everywhere). In the last leg, those lagging behind finally adopt the technology either because they have to since everyone else is using it, or because the alternatives have become obsolete (pay phones are almost extinct).

Offering translation services over the Internet is no longer something novel. That was the first leg of our triathlon.

In second leg Transfluent has pulled into the lead by staying true to our vision. Why is that? We enable new business. We cut costs. We improve turn-around times.

How do we do it? A solid digital infrastructure and dedication to a great customer experience.

As we set our sights on the third leg, smart resource allocation, efficiency, and innovations to our digital platform are what will keep us in the lead.

Innovations include the personalization of services and smaller customer segmentation. For example, far too many games are still localized using spreadsheets, therefore one of our key improvements is providing new and better tools for game localization.

We have only begun the second leg of the triathlon and it is going great, but before we even round the turn, we will break records by introducing some of the most innovative tools in the world. Transfluent plans to revolutionize the industry. We are already ahead for Excel files.

Now it is the payphone moment of the translation industry as outmoded means of translation are being phased out. The future is calling and it’s Transfluent, your translation agency for the 2020s.


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Tomi Heiskanen

"My main mission is to super power you!" Tomi believes that technology boosts productivity when it is easy to use and when all manual tasks are automated.