Transforming Your Translation Experience

What makes a good translator? What is the definition of the good translation? Can we say the translation is good if there are no grammatical errors or typos? Is it good enough for the translated content to be accurate to the word?

At Transfluent we know it takes more.  There are three core principles at the heart of good translation: cultural sensitivity, creativity, and subject matter expertise.

Understanding Cultural Values

Translation is not just dependent on substituting the words of one language for another, but requires a deep understanding of the target culture. Just because a person speaks two languages doesn’t mean he is a good translator. Each country has its own cultural values and worldview. Good translations adapt the content such that it speaks to the target audience. It is important to be aware of cultural differences or risk unintentionally offending the audience. The risk is higher when the contents are translated literally. This issue can only be identified and resolved by someone who has extensive experience living in the actual society.

Be a Creative Writer

Translation is an art. Nobody wants to keep reading boring content. If the translation is done by just swapping words, the content may become plain and blunt. A good translator needs to be creative to make attractive content for the readers. The best translators have a large vocabulary so that they can pick the most suitable word in context. Continual exposure to the target language is essential. Reading books, newspapers and other content helps widen vocabulary and keep translation skills sharp.

Be a Savvy Translator

Typical translators immediately start translating the content when they get the job. A better approach is to spend time researching what you’re going to translate before moving onto the actual translating phase. Even a seasoned legal translator may, for example, want to spend time brushing up on the particular area of law before beginning translation.

If it’s game localization, good translation companies will ensure that the translators play the game as part of the localization process. If it’s an app translation, they should download and use it. Having enough knowledge in the target field is vital. Translators need to stand in the same position as the reader, otherwise they cannot relate to how the content will be experienced.

Only human-powered translation can incorporate all of these aspects. Translators at Transfluent value and prioritize cultural values, creative minds, and subject matter expertise. We look forward to transforming your translation experience!

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