Globalizing Social Media

Social Media is now so embedded in business that its management is an entire career field.  From Social Media Strategists to Content Marketing Managers, there are a slew of job types that did not exist a decade ago.

As business globalizes so does social media.  According to InternetWorld Stats, as of June 2016, Facebook had 1,679,433,530 users worldwide, or 22.9% of the total population of the world, with penetration into every continent on Earth.

Luckily for businesses seeking to expand beyond their home country, Facebook has a multiple languages feature. From page administration, users can easily add multi-language options.  After turning on the feature you simply select “write post in another language” before you publish and select the target language or languages.

Whoa, there!

Before you get too excited, let’s take a look at a couple of possible pitfalls.  First, are you or one of your staff fluent in another language?  Can you trust that the translated content is correct and culturally sensitive?  If the answer is anything less than a resounding yes, pause before you hit that “publish” button. It is in your best interest to have a professional translator do the translation or at least proofread your article before it goes out.

Next, let’s say you write an amazing article.  It gets lots of attention in several other countries!  How do you know?  Likes and comments.  Comments coming through in other languages… so how do you handle those comments?

The response time for engaging with a Facebook reader is generally 24 hours or less if you want to have a positive feedback loop.  What happens if you can’t understand the comment?  You could try Google Translate, but even if that gives you the gist of comment or question, are you prepared to write an answer in the other language?

If the best happens and you have lots of traffic, do you have the time to moderate your pages in other languages?  Remember when I mentioned those content manager jobs? What do you do when you need one in another country?

You could try sourcing for a foreign Facebook moderator yourself. But if you’re not fluent in all the languages you need, how will you know if they are any good?  Further, how will you know if they are writing appropriately in your brand voice?  And can you afford the time it takes to manage a bunch of part-time social media moderators across the globe?

Luckily there is Transfluent.

We are experts in putting together teams of professional translators who are not only expert linguists but understand the nuances of social media, brand voice and what it takes to engage an audience.  Let us do the hard work for you.  We will source, train and place Facebook moderators for you that will work the exact number of hours you need.  We will provide you with reports, audits of their work, and handle all the details.

You have one point of contact at Transfluent that takes care of it all so you can focus on growing your business.

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Gilles Lambert