Rebel with a Cause, Choi Ling Brings Her Creative Spirit to Transfluent

Operations Manager Choi Ling has a long history bouncing back and forth between Finland and Hong Kong. Her first experience with Finland was as a high school exchange student. She stayed in the countryside, which was quite a shock for a girl from the big city!

She learned Finnish quickly as her host family did not speak a word of her native language. She fell in love with Finland and came back to complete her college career at the University of Helsinki.

In addition to Finnish and Cantonese, Ling speaks English, Mandarin, and German. In Hong Kong children attend school at age three and begin learning English right away. She learned some German in a college exchange program (admittedly, her German is, “a bit rusty”).

Ling loves to travel and has, as she put it, “left quite a lot of my hair around the world.”

She now lives in Helsinki where she is the Operations Manager at Transfluent. She found the company through a job post on the University of Helsinki’s website, was interviewed and hired on very quickly.

It was the size and structure of Transfluent that attracted her to the company initially. After her interview, she felt like she really clicked with the team, the company’s values and mission.

She was always considered a little rebellious in her home of Hong Kong because she was more interested in innovation than rigid structure. Working for a small, agile company gives her the opportunity to utilize her creativity and be involved in many different aspects of the business.

Her main job is to oversee the flow of customer orders. She helps to facilitate communication between clients and the translators. Ling has a strong background in customer service and is great at getting things organized.

Ling says that her goal at Transfluent is, “to build a healthy and friendly community so that [translators] feel valued.” She especially wants to make sure that translators are receiving positive feedback. Sometimes they only hear when something goes wrong and don’t get enough encouragement and praise when things go right. She wants to empower the translators because “without them, we cannot succeed.”

After spending some time with the company she has identified opportunities for improvement in our user experience both in design and flow. She is working with our IT team to implement some of her ideas over the coming months.

In the translation arena, the language pairs of Finnish and Cantonese or Mandarin are especially attractive to Finnish businesses wanting to expand into Chinese markets. Ling is looking forward to providing translation services.

In her off time, she enjoys a balance of yoga and dance. “Yoga,” she said, “brings me peace of mind but dance brings me joy.” She also likes to cook when she can find the time.