Transfluent Turns 6! – Celebrating Teamwork and Creating Community

Transfluent Birthday

September is a time of joy here at Transfluent as we celebrate our sixth birthday!  From empowering our clients through localization, supporting product launches, and spreading important news on La Casa Blanca to the Spanish speaking community worldwide, it has been an amazing and exciting journey for he Transfluent Team. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of translation service and this cannot be achieved without the valuable help of our professional translators.

As a service-driven translation agency, we understand the value of cooperation with our translators. We sincerely care about them. Building a good foundation is key for a good long-term working relationship between Operations Managers and translators.

In the end, it is all about teamwork.

We treat our translators with honesty and respect by providing a caring work environment where everyone can thrive and where each individual can showcase their talents. Our digital platform enables text to be translated into many different languages through our network of translators across the globe. Hence, location is no longer a factor that hinders communication. Even though the translating progress takes place virtually and remotely, we strive to make our communications personal. Our Operations Managers are available and happy to assist our translators with their inquiries and needs.

Furthermore, our translators enjoy the freedom to choose. As mentioned above, the geographical freedom let translators work wherever. Staying home or heading abroad does not really matter.  Besides picking their own work location, translators can decide their own rates for both business and expert level work. Also, they can pick jobs at will. Our linguists can organize their own schedules according to their preferences and choose what fits best for their own life and work style.  Learn more about the personal experiences of one of our trusted translators, Roman Kosarev, on Transfluent’s YouTube channel.

After the crowdfunding round, our team is all set to further enhance translators’ overall experience at Transfluent. We believe growing together can benefit us not only individually but in delivering top-notch translation and pushing the boundaries of the industry.