Crouching Time Thief, Hidden Cost

You head to office early morning, go to backyard grab few logs and head into the office. You put logs into fireplace and light it. On your breaks, you head to the backyard to chop more logs.  Right?

I assume this is not true, instead your day starts with walking into the office and starting your work day.

While we outsource a lot of business basics, such as office utility work, security, and many other chores (like chopping wood), way too often translation work is not delegated efficiently. Organizations may not track the cost of translating content internally, even though many experts in the organization are unsuited to translate content themselves. This hinders productivity by spending time on something that experts do not usually do on daily basis. You may be overpaying for work that your engineers or other team members aren’t really qualified while simultaneously taking time away from their important work of improving your products or inventing new ones.

Translators are experts in translating, they do it every day and are very efficient. A good translator works faster and more clearly than domain experts that rarely write anything else than the text of their specialty.

Sometimes app developers are bilingual and translate the app into their second language. On top of the well-paid experts doing their core work issue, this approach brings unexpected consequences. As the developers translate the app, they know the context and are familiar with every single aspect of the application. This is great, except…

When translating the app into languages beyond what your internal team knows, you may find that the developers neglected to enter context comments into the localization system (or files).  So now, the new translators may struggle or misread the context completely.  Instead, developers should spend time working on the context instead of translating themselves. That way the translation process is scalable and works very well across various languages. Skipping context gets expensive at a later point: either the translation might not be accurate or translators might “bog” the developers with “unnecessary” questions.

Spend your time and money efficiently, drag-n-drop your files into our translation widget and let our professional translators handle the hurdle. To make your developers even happier, they might automate the process of sending the resource files for translation using our API. The formula of happy developer is one master language + well-defined context + automation = 🤓

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Tomi Heiskanen

"My main mission is to super power you!" Tomi believes that technology boosts productivity when it is easy to use and when all manual tasks are automated.