Trust and Translation, An Important Relationship

Competence is the number one thing we look for in translators, but it is not the only thing. Just as important is the need for trust. Open dialog and trust between the translators, translation company, and the client is crucial for successful translation projects. It seems obvious but is sometimes forgotten.

To guarantee good translation, a company needs a translation agency they can rely on to safeguard their information and treat it with the proper respect. They need to trust that the translators are true professionals. Part of being professional means being trustworthy with confidential and information critical for a customer’s business. It also means maintaining a good relationship with the agency and the client. The customer has to be able to give the translator all the information they need for them to do their best and produce the expected result.

Even when the translator has enough information about the context, target group, style etc. some questions come up. The translator has to have a way of checking details from the customer. The translator needs to be able to trust that the client will be available and have the time to answer these questions and provide feedback. Only through trust and open communication on both sides can a positive working relationship develop.

We at Transfluent have built our service such that the whole translation process can be conducted with trust on all sides. We have protected our customers’ content during the entire process – when first asking for a quote, sending in the order, and when providing extra information. Since our business is conducted online we can be swift and agile. Translators get notifications of new jobs updates to current jobs by email and can react quickly. Customers can get their translations as soon as they are uploaded. Translators will take the time needed to provide quality translation; however, we save our clients time by automating much of the process.

We are constantly talking to our customers and translators to develop our service. We strive to constantly meet and exceed all expectations. We are a trustworthy and professional partner for both our customers and our translators. You can rely on us!


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Ari Nyfors

Ari has over a decade of experience in the language industry. He is passionate about excellent customer service and helping companies do successful business in a multilingual world.