Transfluent – Now on WordPress!

We are delighted to announce our cooperation with The WordPress Multilingual Plugin, the world’s most popular localization extension for the WordPress platform!

Transfluent now offers our translation services on WordPress sites effortlessly, whether it is a constantly updated blog or a more static company webpage. You can find our profile and instructions for setting up the plugin through WPML.

Our company was founded because we believe there should be a smooth and easy way for every company to easily expand internationally and to communicate to clients in their mother tongue. Word-to-word and machine translation are almost never enough when approaching new markets. Localization is needed to ensure that not only correct language usage but with respect to the nuances of the local culture.

Our extensive international network of translators are ready to tackle these issues.  Unlike robots, our translators are human, so they understand the subtleties of localization.  For specialized fields such as medicine, your text is directed to experts who have experience with the specific industry terms required to provide an accurate and professional translation.

It is very important to us that our clients receive translations swiftly, smoothly, and at a cost-efficient rate. This WPML partnership is excellent for us and for you. With the extension, clients who opt for our services can now maintain their WordPress site both in their main language and target languages for foreign audiences, hassle-free.

As you grow your business, keep in mind that we also provide services in cooperation with customer service system Zendesk and net shop platform Magento.


You can try our translation services out online and see how you like it! If you have further questions or want a chat, our sales team is here to help!