9 most commonly asked questions about Transfluent

How do you handle quality issues? What about security? How can I pay for the work?

These are questions that we are asked a lot. I thought you might wonder the same things. So I decided to present our answers to the 9 most commonly asked questions from our customers.

1. How is Transfluent different from other translation agencies?

The main difference between Transfluent and other translation agencies is that we have automated and digitalized the entire translation process. We offer our customers an easy-to-access online user interface, through which the whole translation process starts anytime you want. We are open 24/7.

Our customers can place orders from anywhere, any time knowing up front how much the job costs and how long we expect it to take. Other agencies only offer automated answers or will contact the customer only after the job is completed. This causes delays that are not good for the customer.

2. How much does translation cost?

Our invoicing is based on two levels of translations – Business level, the most used (and our default) and Expert level for specialized areas such as law, medical texts, and gaming. Language-pairs (with just a few exceptions) all have the same pricing. This makes everything much easier for our customers.

Through our service interface, you will see the price for the translation before making the actual order. You can see our pricing on our site.

Here are are some sample prices for different jobs:

  • E-mails / Business-level / 150 words – € 27 / $32
  • Brochures / Business-level / 500 words –€ 90 / $107
  • Website / Business-level / 5000 words –€ 900 / $1,072
  • Mobile games, Expert-level, 1500 words –€ 360 / $429

3. How can I pay for the translations?

You can pay the translations with your credit card when you order the job. If you prefer monthly invoicing, you can open a translation account for our services.

4. How does Transfluent ensure good quality?

We pay a lot of attention to choosing experienced and skilled translators. We interview each candidate via video call and our experienced translators for the language pair in question review a translation test prior to adding a candidate to our platform.

When we get a new translator on board, an experienced colleague for the same language pair proofreads his or her first five translations.

5. Does Transfluent use machine translation (MT)?

All our work is translated by professional human translators. Machine translation is only used for incoming messages within our translation tool for a customer service ticketing system (Zendesk). Outgoing responses are translated by a human translator. Also, the incoming messages can be translated by human translators if the machine translation does not provide a satisfying result. You can find more information on our Zendesk translation tool here.

6. Does Transfluent use and provide translation memory, TM or terminology?

We offer both translation memory and terminologies. We use our own translation memory, but when needed also other translation memories can be used. We can build terminologies or use those provided by the customer.

7. How does Transfluent take care of the security and confidentiality issues?

We have an NDA signed with all our translators. We can sign an NDA at the corporate level with our customers as well. Our platform and cloud service are well protected and safe. We have man large and well-known enterprises, gaming companies, and technology companies as clients that trust us 100%. We strive to be worth your trust now and always.

8. How long does it take to get a job translated?

While our delivery speeds are high, we do not want to be known just for fast translations. Quality is our priority.

That said, our metrics show that the median time for picking up incoming jobs is only eight minutes. Tweets can be translated almost in real time and customer service messages are usually translated within a couple of hours. A standard press release is often translated within a day.

9. Can I choose my own translator or work with the same one again?

Yes. We have built lots of clever automation for getting jobs to our translators. We can whitelist translators for customers to ensure we always use the same ones. This way we can offer the best possible service for our customers.

Still got a question? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help!


Ari Nyfors

Ari has over a decade of experience in the language industry. He is passionate about excellent customer service and helping companies do successful business in a multilingual world.