Why not pitch to investors in their native language?

Every startup is hustling like crazy to make sure that they are telling the best possible story to potential investors. However, tight meeting schedules and short attention spans are making it increasingly difficult to stand out.

One obvious but criminally under-utilized strategy is to take advantage of high-quality translation and localization. English is the lingua franca in business life, but think of the impact you could have by reaching out to Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian or Spanish investors in their native language!

Thanks to modern translation platforms (yes, like the one that we at Transfluent offer), translating even small pieces of content can be cost-effective and easy for startups. Even the so-called rational decisions in business or life are in fact more affected by emotions than logic, and using the native language of the investor instantly gets you to that emotional level of influence.

Sure, most investors at Slush speak English. But their bosses might not, and that’s what makes the difference.

What’s more, this does not only apply to translating the investor materials. You can actually get high-quality, human-powered translations of sales pitches, important e-mails, social media marketing campaigns, tweets, sales decks, user support, how-to guides, video subtitles and UX details – whatever gets your message across can be done in the recipients’ native language.

So, in the middle of the investor pitch grind, take a moment to think about what translations can do for you!

If you want to try out our awesome translation service, we have great news: to celebrate Slush 2017, we’re giving you 10% off on your first translation. Use the discount code SLUSH2017TF at checkout (the code is valid from Nov 24 to Dec 8) and get ready to pitch!

Our Operations Manager Ling Choi pitching Transfluent to the Thai Minister of Digital Economy and Society Pichet Durongkaveroj, and the Thai Delegation at We+, November 23 – with a slide deck in Thai, of course.