What’s ahead for 2018?

The year 2017 was thrilling! We have experienced tremendous growth, acquired two translation agencies, and kept our ambitions high. This year we raised funding to boost our growth, signed significant deals, and have continued to look after our loyal customers. Thank you to everyone for being part of our story this year.  We hope you will continue to be part of it in years to come!

2017 brought disillusion to all the AI hype.  While machine translation has become better with neural network implementations, it is not yet good enough for most of business use cases. Next year, Transfluent will focus on AI and what it could offer to our customers. Most likely, our first customer-facing AI solutions are not going to be translation services, but rather supporting automation that uses AI to provide faster and more accurate service.

During this year we worked on a solution that will eradicate barriers from third-party services to be integrated into Transfluent’s translation service. We have taken a new, unforeseen approach how to integrate into other services and will roll out support to multiple platforms at once. We will release the solution on Q1 of 2018. Stay tuned for more!

Happy New Year 2018!


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Tomi Heiskanen

"My main mission is to super power you!" Tomi believes that technology boosts productivity when it is easy to use and when all manual tasks are automated.