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Transfluent was founded with the belief that all companies should have an easy way to become global and communicate with their customers in their local language. Our belief morphed into a leading translation provider with solutions that bring us to the forefront of innovative technology.

Our team is incredibly global. We have lived and operated businesses in dozens of countries and we truly know the challenges of global business. Take a look at our product line-up and you will find that we have built a suite of tools that solve all of your translation and localization needs.

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Mikko Räty

+358 50 330 84 66
"My main mission is to super power you!" Tomi believes that technology boosts productivity when it is easy to use and when all manual tasks are automated.

Tomi Heiskanen

Co-founder & CTO
Ari has over a decade of experience in the language industry. He is passionate about excellent customer service and helping companies do successful business in a multilingual world.

Ari Nyfors

Account Executive
As operations manager, Jarmo ensures that all orders flow through the system smoothly and any issues are taken care of efficiently.

Jarmo Honkala

Operations Manager
Minna is an East Asia expert. For her, different languages and cultures make this planet a truly fascinating place. On her free time she's always up for handstands and handsprings!

Minna Taavitsainen

Account Manager

EU Office

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U.S. Office

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