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Magento catalog translation

Did you know that as many as 75% of people prefer to buy products in their native language? Most will never buy from a website that is only available in English! Transfluent’s Magento Extension makes it effortless to localize your entire product catalog to any language you want, and keep it up to date in all those languages.

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Translation Widget

The translation widget is a self-service tool to quickly get a quote for your project and submit the translation order on its way.

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Zendesk translation for emails and messages

Answering your customers tickets in their native language is key to your global brand. Ensuring your communication is done with native speaking, in-country translators that are an extension of your brand, your voice and your success globally. Our customer support solutions focus on communicating in a native tone, quality translation and answering your client in a timely manner.

  • Support your global brand natively
  • Give your global voice to professional linguist profiled for your brand
  • Tuning your supported language pairs for optimal turn-around times
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We love games and we have what it takes to be your gaming localization partner no matter if you are some big studio or an amazing indie. Our solutions encompass a dedicated teams of gaming translators that can be leveraged through our translation widget or with the use of our Unity & UE4 integrations.

  • Support for your Unity or UE4 games
  • Direct support for various resource files, e.g. iOS and Android localization formats
  • Dedicated team of gaming translators for various different types of game genres
  • Optionally a dedicated project team to help and advise you
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