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Transfluent WordPress plugin adds multilingual support to WordPress. You can order translations for blog posts and pages with one click. In addition to the dynamic content, the plugin supports translating content from theme's layout templates, navigation and custom taxonomies. Translation is carried out by human translators and automatically published on your website. Website translation as easy as it gets!


Website Translation

Why not let the entire world enjoy the great app you’ve developed? The fact is, a majority of the world’s smart phone users don’t use English as their native language, and a lot of people simply favor apps that are available in their native language.

Transfluent makes it completely effortless to translate your app. It usually takes only a few hours, and it costs less than you would think (see the bottom of the page for our convenient price estimator). We keep track of the translations for future reference, so anytime you update your app, you can update the translations by just resending the resource file to us. You only pay for the changes made.

Double your potential earnings by translating your app into the top 10 most popular languages.

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