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You’ve made a great game – now let the world play it! As you may know, localizing a game is by far the most cost-effective way to boost sales and reach new players. In fact, more than half of the world’s game-playing population speaks no English at all. Even those who do generally prefer to play games in their own language.

Transfluent specializes in game translation. Our expert game-translation team has a ton of experience in different types of games, across all platforms and game genres. We translate games to all languages that are supported by the Apple App Store.

Localization Version Control included!

Are you tired of importing and exporting localization content? Do you know which version is the latest? Has the Korean version been updated? These types of questions are increasingly common in game development today, as games need to be updated frequently.

Don’t worry! Transfluent keeps track of versioning so you don’t need to. Your weekly updates become completely effortless.

Tags? Placeholders?

You name it, we support it. We make sure that the tags and placeholders are included in the translation correctly. Other markup, such as HTML, is preserved and won’t be altered.

As easy as it gets!

To get started, drop your resource files into our translation widget. You’ll receive a fully translated version in each of your target languages, by email, as soon as humanly possible. Later, if you wish to further minimize all manual work, you can automate the translation requests using our API so that every time you make a new build, we update all language versions.

Achievement unlocked!

Use your time to make the game superb and let us focus on delivering properly localized versions. We can’t promise that a well-localized game will be a hit, but bad localization certainly ruins the gaming experience. Our gaming experts enjoy their fair share of gaming and do get the terms right!

Just getting started?

Our translation widget is the easiest way to get started. Just upload the localization file from your project (e.g. Localizable.strings, en.yml, to the widget. You will receive a quote and, once the file has been translated, it will be returned in the same format.

Getting busy?

If the shipping date is getting closer or you prefer to spend your time on productive work rather than manually requesting translations, then look into implementing our API or using one of our ready-made integrations: the Unity and Unreal Engine extensions.


All of our services are run by a simple but powerful API. The easiest way to get started is to use our translation widget, but the widget is in fact a user interface to the API. If you wish to go a step deeper, the API is fully accessible. You can create your own integration: for example, if you wish to ensure your resources are localized every time a new build is made. Get started with the API documentation.

Unreal Engine

For Unreal Engine 4 users, our extension provides an easy and seamless way to translate content.


For Unity users, our extension provides an easy way to translate games content seamlessly from the editor.

Communicate in your customers' native language

With the help of Transfluent, we were able to easily reach a huge new audience. They worked seamlessly with us to take Hand of Fate, with over 50k words, to multiple languages. It was a great opportunity to work with partners who understand games and the international market

Morgan Jaffit, CEO & Founder, Defiant development

Co-operation with Transfluent has been fantastic and carefree. Ad hoc translations were of good quality and most importantly extremely fast - just what we were after.

Mariina Hallikainen, Colossal Order

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