Human-powered translation for your Magento store in dozens of languages


Setting up and maintaining a multilingual store has never been this easy! Take advantage of our extension for Magento and translate your product catalog, attributes and CMS pages in couple of clicks. No need to worry about recruiting freelancers or converting content into Excel and then importing it back manually. The extension is capable of translating most of the backend content. The storefront – or the theme – is usually localized by using CSV- or PO-files. Our translation widget provides a quick and easy way to translate those files.


Translate product details

Translate product details into one or more languages. You can choose which product fields will be translated.

Translate product attributes

For seamless localized customer experience, you can translate product attributes such as sizes, colors etc.

Translate category details

Translate category name, description and other customer facing parts.

Batch ordering

You can order translations for product details for one or more categories at once. Could it get any easier than this?

Translate CMS content

Translate your CMS pages and static blocks all at once or choose one-by-one.

Benefits of using the extension

Using the extension Doing it manually
Preparing content Proof-read it and you are ready to proceed First proof-read the content and then figure out how to export it into Excel
Getting a quote Choose what to translate, choose target languages and click on “Get quote” Figure out word count from the Excel file. Recruit translators or an agency for your language pairs. Send them your content and ask them for a quote. You might get a quote back someday.
Project management “My Account” page shows progress of the translation work. We will make sure the translators work efficiently and manage them. You do not have any visibility what is the status of translation. You need to manage the translators or supervise the agency.
Publishing content The translations are published in your store once they have been completed You will receive all translations at once and you need to figure out how to import the translations from the Excel file. If you spot any errors or need to update translation at this point, it is the export-import cycle all over again.
Payments Translation cost is based on word count and is known beforehand. Pay with a credit card or by invoice. Translation cost might be based on time taken or amount of translated “pages”. In worst case you know the cost upon receiving the invoice. Is the freelancer your employee?
Scalability Translate anything between a single word and millions of words Your freelancer is able to translate around 2000 words per day
Quality Our translators have been vetted to provide excellent translations. We constantly monitor translation quality and quickly react to feedback. You are in charge of quality assurance. In worst case, you find out that the translators are not up for the job when they deliver the translated file after wasting many weeks waiting.

Getting Started

Using the Transfluent Magento Extension is very easy, but just to be sure you’ll have a smooth experience we have put together a getting started guide.

  1. Read the Getting started guide and send Installation guide to your sysadmin
  2. Your sysadmin will download and install Transfluent Magento Extension from Magento Connect
  3. Create a Transfluent account and once the extension is installed, authenticate it and you are ready to go global!


Our Magento Extension is completely free to install and use. You only pay for the translations you order. The actual price is based on the total number of words in your catalog descriptions, and the quality level chosen. You can always view the total cost before committing to an actual order.

Before being able to place an order, you need to have a Transfluent account with a valid credit card. The extension will prompt you when these are needed. If you are translating a large web store, and need a quote or prefer to pay via invoice, please contact our sales.

Version compatibility

Note: The Transfluent Magento Extension currently supports Community Edition, and works with Magento versions 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9. Please contact us about the Enterprise Edition support if you are interested.

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