Engage with your customers in their native language


You know how sometimes you receive a ticket from a customer in a language you don’t speak? What do you usually do? Find a co-worker to help? Ignore the ticket?
Now, imagine if you were able to understand what they say, and write a reply that your customer receives in their native language! How amazing would that be?

  • Translations for support messages in minutes
  • Option to build a dedicated team of linguists
  • Support for dozens of languages

Introducing Transfluent for Zendesk – a great new add-on that gives you instant machine translation of all incoming tickets and seamless human-powered translation of outgoing responses to international clients! You can easily install the app from the Zendesk marketplace, and once installed, you will enjoy access to professional-quality language translation built directly within the Zendesk user interface!


Receive messages in any language

The Zendesk app allows agents to view a machine translation of the incoming message. If machine translation is not satisfactory enough, the agent can order a professional translation of the customer’s request with a single click.

Reply using your native language

Your agents can then write a reply in their native language, and request translation by native/professional translators. They will get a notification by email when the translation is complete and the agent will be able to embed the translated text easily in the reply to the customer. From your customer’s point of view, it will appear as if they are dealing with someone who speaks their language. This shows your respect to them, and builds trust to your brand.

Global customer support team

Consider this example; you need to serve customers speaking 10 languages. Are you able to hire 10 customer service representatives who each speak different languages? If you are, will they have enough work to do? The odds are, the tasks are not spread evenly across languages, so some of the reps will be busy while others are waiting for work.

What if you could just hire a team of English-speaking customer service representatives, who can communicate in any language using Transfluent’s Zendesk integration? You probably wouldn’t need to hire 10 people, like in the example above. You might be able to serve all your customers with just 3 people!


As an added benefit, Transfluent is fully scalable. Received a ticket in a completely foreign language? No worries. Transfluent has translators covering over 80 languages, ready to translate your tickets 24 hours a day, every day of the week.


The Zendesk app costs / seat / month. In app machine translation usage is covered by the monthly fee. For native/professional translations you pay for the word count translated. Native is per word and professional translation is per word.

Build better and stronger relationships

with your customers.