• Customer FAQ

    What is Transfluent?

    Transfluent was founded with the belief that all companies should have an easy way to become global and to communicate with their customers in their local language. That belief drove the creation of a leading translation provider with solutions on the forefront of innovative technology.

    I have a project that needs to be translated. Can I get a quote?

    If you have a document and are wondering how much translating it to another language will cost, you can get a free instant quote using our online tool. Just drag the file you want translated into our tool (friends call it ‘the Widget’), and you will automatically get a free cost estimate on the job.

    If your job is an edit of something we’ve translated before, that text will be removed from the cost of translation.

    To discuss broader business partnerships, send us a message – we will look forward to speaking with you!

    Who’s translating the documents?

    Our translators live on all continents around the world! We carefully select and screen our translators for the best service. Our community of translators respond quickly to new jobs to ensure that deadlines are met and quality is guaranteed.

    How do I order translations from Transfluent?

    To get going, you will need a Transfluent user account. You can either create a new user account by yourself or if your company has an account, ask your company’s account owner to create a login for you. Creating an account is super easy: you only need to register with your email address, insert your credentials, and you’re good to go. Needles to say, your email, along with rest of your information is safe with us.

    How can I pay?

    The easiest way to pay is by credit card. You or your company’s account owner can setup a credit card in the My Account page. It is recommended to add a backup card so there will not be any interruption in the service if the primary card fails. Your information will be safe and you are able to modify or delete your credit card information at any time. Large businesses may enroll in an invoicing plan. Please contact our support team for more information.

    When will my translation be ready?

    Well, it depends on the size and nature of the document, as well as language pair. For the most common language pairs (for example, from English to Spanish), we have translators on standby around the clock. For smaller language pairs it may take from a few minutes to a few hours to assign a translator.

    The actual time it takes to translate the text once a translator has been assigned depends on the length of the text. A general rule is that a translator can work through about 200 words per hour, or 2000 words per day. This varies depending on an individual, as well as the language pair, but is a good rule of thumb if you want to have a rough idea of the scope of the work.

    When you place an order our online tool it gives you a delivery time estimate. Please note that this estimate refers to the time it typically takes for a translator to translate a file similar to the one you have uploaded into the system from the time they pick up the job, not the time estimate from placing the order until it is finished.

    Are you in a hurry?

    Please use the "set deadline" option when placing the order to give us a specific deadline. In some cases a rush order fee will be added to ensure we will find a translator in time.

    I’m not happy with the translation I I got. What now?

    Although we only team up with the most professional and experienced translators in the market, quality issues happen from time to time. Most of times these issues stem from not providing enough context and guidance to the translator, but let’s admit, translators have bad days too. Naturally, we are always ready to make up for our mistakes and we will gladly compensate for any low-quality work. In case you see a problem in the quality of your delivered work, please contact us, and we will make things right again.

    How can I provide additional information to the translator about the job?

    Providing as much instruction and supporting context as you can will help the translator to produce the best work. The more information you provide, the better! The easiest way of sharing this information with the translator is in the order phase; once you have uploaded your document or typed it into our online tool, a box with, “add instructions for translators” will appear. You may type directly into the box. If you forget this part while placing the order, you still have plenty of time to communicate with the translator in our handy communication portal, that opens once the order has been submitted. Please note that jobs from the same company may be directed to different translators so always include the instructions for each document.

    How do I edit my user information?

    Once you have registered, modifying your account is easy. Just click your name in the upper right-hand corner to open a menu and select, “Edit My Profile” from the dropdown menu.

    I forgot my password – what to do?

    No problem – just drop us a message and we will help you!

    Do you always translate directly from a language to another?

    Translating from a language to another typically brings about the best results, but in case of rarer language pairs, we might be forced to use a proxy language. In practise, this would mean translating the document first into English and then from English into the target language.

    What file formats do you support?

    Transfluent accepts files in most of the commonly used file types, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, PDF, txt, HTML and JSON.

    If I place an order, will my information stay safe?

    Yes, your content is absolutely safe. Transfluent has all translators sign a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) before handling any translations. Please be assured that our translators have been carefully vetted and trained to follow secure working practises. All finished translations are delivered within our secure system.

    Note: Text translations made with the Transfluent Widget are delivered to customers via email. If you are uncomfortable with this please consult our team for other options by using our support page.

    How do you control quality?

    Quality is most important to us, and we have embedded quality assurance on all aspects of our service. First of all, we only use 100% human translation work with no shortcuts. We vet our linguists carefully.

    We require them to be native speakers of the target language and fluent in the source language. There is zero tolerance for errors in grammar and spelling. There are further tests for linguists who wish to work on tasks requiring domain expertise, such as gaming.

    We also conduct random testing and peer reviews to be sure the ongoing performance is good. If any issues are found, we act on it right away. Our customers usually don’t speak the languages they translate content to, so they must be able to fully rely on us doing a good job, every time.

  • Translator FAQ

    Why should I join Transfluent Translator Network

    Our ultimate goal is to build the best translator experience in the market. We are here to allow you to focus solely on delivering kick-ass translation – we will cover all the rest from sales to customer support, negotiations and billings.

    Aside from a steady stream of interesting translation tasks, we provide excellent training and support, flexible working time, effortless payments, and a fun and skilled team to work with.

    We are building a revolutionary, global product that will shake the translation industry to the core. Join us – become a part of the story – together we can make something amazing.

    How do I sign up?

    Signing up is easy. First, fill out your information here. Simply fill in your personal details, choose your language pairs, and select your fields of expertise. We want to get to truly know our translators, so attaching a cover letter and a CV will speed up the process. We also enjoy meeting our translation partners face to face, so be prepared for a quick Skype/Google Hangouts meeting.

    What kind of criteria are there for a Transfluent translators?

    We do not require diplomas or academic degrees – we believe expertise can be achieved through life experience and drive as well as through education. The qualities we are looking for in our translators are professionalism, timeliness, creativity, and subject matter expertise. You should be fluent in your chosen language pairs as well as comfortable creating top-notch content for a variety of customers. Additionally, we want you to utilize your strengths and become an expert in your field. Are you a sports guy? We have interesting sports articles coming your way!

    I applied to be become a Transfluent. What is the next step?

    Awesome, thank you for your application! Next, we will go through the material you sent, and if we feel like we might be a good fit, we arrange a quick video call to get to know each other better. We regularly receive a large number of applications so it may take us a bit to get to you, but don’t worry, we will!

    When can I start working?

    Once your profile is reviewed and approved by Transfluent, you can immediately start translating through our platform. Logging in, you can instantly see all the translation tasks that are available for you. You can also easily edit your profile by navigating to My Account, for example to add new fields of expertise.

    Most importantly – stay tuned to our e-mail notifications! Based on the expertise and language skills required, our system sends email notification of corresponding tasks to suitable translators.

    I forgot my password – what to do?

    No problem! Just send us an email, and we’ll fix that for you.

    >How do I pick up tasks? Are there any instructions or tutorials on how to sign up and do the assignments?

    Picking up translation tasks is easy – you can get going with just a few clicks. There are two easy ways to pick jobs up. Based on the expertise and language selection, our system sends email notifications of a new job to all suitable translators. If the job is to your liking, just click the “I will take it” button in the e-mail and the task will be reserved to you. The second way to reserve a task is by navigating to the Jobs section on the front page of your own Portal, where all available for you tasks are presented. Choose the ones you like, and start translating!

    Please note, that upon accepting a translation task, you are required to give a delivery estimate. This is the time that will be presented to the customer, so please give a realistic estimate – one that you are able to keep.

    How can I set my rate?

    You can easily check your translation rates from your profile page by clicking on My Account. To change your rate, we kindly ask you to contact us to discuss the rate change.

    How much will I earn?

    Transfluent translator earnings vary greatly depending on the time you are able to put in. The best thing is – you are fully in charge of your own earnings. They are based on the word count you translate and the rate you have set yourself. You can easily check your monthly balance from your profile by clicking on My Account.

    When do I get paid?

    At the end of each month our system will tally the jobs you have completed during that period. You will receive a job report with all the assignments from us on the 4th. Payment is turned around in a 30-day-period after the end of month. Please plan accordingly (see payment instructions in Translator Portal).

    How do I receive payments from Transfluent?

    We pay for your professional services either through bank transfer or PayPal.

    How does estimated delivery time work? What if I am late of schedule?

    As a translator, you are free to set the estimated delivery time. Managing customer expectations is an essential part of the job, so please give estimates that you are able to deliver. However, unexpected things happen and the scope of the project may become clearer only during the process. For such situations, we are always ready to help with the customer communication. Contact us at translators-support@transfluent.com and we will handle it.

    I have a question about the text I am translating. What should I do?

    We totally understand that context and additional information is vital for delivering high quality translations. We urge our customers to share as much information about the job as they can, but sometimes more is required. In this case, you can always ask for clarification and elaboration. From the job page, type your questions directly into the Discussion box. We will quickly review your inquiry and forward it to the customer if we are unable to answer it on the spot.

    Anything on your mind that was not covered here?

    If you have questions that are not listed here, please contact us at: translator-support@transfluent.com.