Me palvelemme sinua

Transfluent perustettiin, koska uskomme että kaikille yrityksille pitäisi löytyä helppo tapa kansainvälistyä ja viestiä omille asiakkailleen heidän äidinkielellään. Siksi aiomme kehittyä johtavaksi käännöstoimistoksi, joka hyödyntää uusinta teknologiaa innovatiivisesti.

Joukkomme on todella kansainvälinen. Olemme asuneet ja toimineet liike-elämässä kymmenissä eri maissa ja siksi tunnemme kansainvälisen toiminnan haasteet. Tutustu tuotteisiimme ja huomaat, että meillä on tarjota työkalut ratkaisemaan kaikki käännös- ja lokalisointikysymyksesi.

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Founder and visionary with passion to connect the world by eliminating language barriers. Anything is possible, giving up is not an option. Family man and globetrotting artist.

Jani Penttinen

CEO & Founder, USA
Tehtäväni on antaa sinulle supervoimia! Teknologia tehostaa tuottavuutta, kun se on helppokäyttöistä ja kaikki manuaaliset tehtävät on automatisoitu.

Tomi Heiskanen

Co-founder & CTO
Janne's job is to help companies to do better business by serving them with multilingual services and solutions. If you're looking for the ultimate solution for your translation needs, please call Janne. +358 40 9008216

Janne Viinikainen

Sales Director
Laura has been working in the Gaming industry for over 5 years. In 2013 she started working for Supercell and after 2 years founded her own games localization company. She has extensive experience in the localization of games for worldwide audiences and is also a board member at the IGDA Localization SIG.

Laura Gutierrez

Head of Games Localization
Mikko is an authorised Finnish to English translator with over 20 years of experience. He is responsible for developing the company's translation processes and managing the subcontracting operations for other LSPs.

Mikko Heinonen

Head of Translation Services
Ville is an executor who gets things done. He has a passion for business and technology, data-driven problem-solving and sports. Also a football coach and lay philosopher.

Ville Miettinen

Operations Manager
Providing structure and consistency you can count on. A graphic designer and artist who runs a live drawing group on the weekends.

Terry Whisenant

Account Manager, USA
Your trusted partner for success. My passion is for customers and helping them to do successful business in this multilingual world.  
+358 44 7337 040

Ari Nyfors

Account Executive
Coming from a bilingual background, Petri has always been fascinated by different languages. As a passionate linguist, his mission is to rid the world of poor translations, one text at a time.

Petri Mihaljov

Senior Translator
Operations Manager

Niko Helle

Operations Manager
Minna is an East Asia expert. For her, different languages and cultures make this planet a truly fascinating place. On her free time she's always up for handstands and handsprings!

Minna Taavitsainen

Account Manager

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