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Privacy Statement

LAST UPDATED: June 1, 2022


Transfluent is a translation service and software agency, committed to providing you with the best possible translation experience. Due to the nature of our service, we recognize the importance of privacy and keeping all the content and personal data submitted to us private. This privacy statement will explain the following in more detail:

  • What personal data we process and where we acquire that data

  • For what purposes we process personal data and the legal basis for such processing

  • How long we store personal data

  • Cookies on our website and service

  • What rights you have

  • Where and when we transfer or disclose personal data

  • How we protect personal data

We would like to remind you that this privacy statement applies to personal data that we process when you use our services. It does not apply to any links to third parties’ websites and/or services that you may encounter via our website or by using our services. We encourage you to carefully familiarize yourself with privacy policies applicable to any websites and/or services operated by third parties. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of any third parties.


What personal data do we process and where do we acquire such data?

From registered users of our services, we ask for an email address, password, and an optional company name. When you make an order and become a customer, we process information necessary to maintain communication and provide our services, such as email, address, messages, company information, and invoicing details. Any credit card payments made are processed by a third-party payment processor, Stripe, and we do not retain the credit card details. We obtain all of the above information from our clients and users themselves.


We mainly collect any potential customer personal data, such as the customer’s name, title, company, email, and phone number, from public sources such as company websites, or from personal contacts, or from forms filled in on our website. In some cases, we may use third parties to provide us with contact details about potential clients, but in such cases the data will have been collected either by consent or from publicly available sources.

From translators who have signed up on our platform, we collect contact information such as the translator’s name, email, address, and phone number, as well as information related to their work history, such as a CV. When a translator has been accepted, we also save any messages and conversations sent to us, work history, and any information about the translator’s company, such as payment details. We receive such information from the translators themselves.

For what purposes do we process personal data and what is the legal basis for that processing?

We process information about our registered users in order to provide them with confidential access to our translation platform, to develop our services, and to enable communication. When a user becomes a customer, we process data in order to provide our services and for invoicing reasons. Both of the foregoing processing cases are based on a contract.

Translator information is processed to enable us to route translation work, pay invoices sent to us, and develop our services. As translators are external service providers, such processing is based on a contract, where we act as a client.


Potential customer data is processed in order for us to provide offers and market our services. Such processing is based on a legitimate interest. We believe that our services are of great use and benefit to our customers, and that the new way of working we are promoting will help our customers to realize business benefits they would not otherwise obtain. Based on this, we have determined that such processing does not override any fundamental rights or freedoms. However, you may object to this processing at any time by contacting us.


How long do we store personal data?

All user and customer information is stored as long as the account is active in our service, and after the account deletion we will store data as long is required by legal accountabilities. These legal accountabilities include different laws concerning bookkeeping, accounting, and money laundering.


Potential customer data is deleted within a reasonable time from a deletion request.

Cookies on our website and service

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. It enables the website to remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size, and other display preferences) over a period of time so you don’t have to re-enter them when you come back to the site or browse from one page to another. Required cookies are used to authenticate you in our service, maintain shopping cart information, and to store helpful information such as language preferences. We also use third-party authentication providers, such as Google login, which may use cookies according to their cookie policy. To enable credit card payments, we use third-party payment providers, such as Stripe, which may use cookies according to their cookie policy.

In addition to required cookies, we collect anonymized user data by third-party analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and Pingdom to analyze, and improve our services. To prevent analytics, please change your browser settings to not accept third-party cookies.

In addition to technically required cookies and anonymous analytics cookies, we use third-party marketing tools such as Google Ads and Hubspot. These help us to personalize and target our marketing. Some of this information is used to target advertisements, but the targeted entity remains anonymous. To prevent targeted advertisement, please change your browser settings to not accept third-party cookies.

Please notice that you can prevent loading third-party cookies with adjusting the settings on your browser, and that you can delete all cookies after visiting us from your browser.

What rights do you have?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides you with a number of rights, which are detailed below. In addition to the required rights, if you have any questions or concerns about how we use your personal data, please get in touch. We listen to feedback and concerns, and develop our practices based on that feedback.

  • Information and access: If you are a user, customer, or a translator, your data will be visible to you via our service. You can access it via “My Account”, under “My Profile”. If you do not have an account or want to access data not listed in “My Account”, you can request it from us. Please add enough information to your request to enable us to identify you.

  • Rectification: Any mistakes you notice in your personal data can be rectified in “My Account”. You can also ask us to rectify any information you are unable to correct yourself.

  • Data erasure: We delete data according to the principles laid out earlier. You can ask us to delete your data at any time.

  • Restriction of processing: We can restrict processing of information if we no longer need your personal data, but you would like us to retain the data and not destroy it.

  • Data portability: If you wish, we can provide you with a csv-file of your personal data.

  • Right to object: IIf you feel that we have not processed your personal data according to this privacy policy, or that we have violated privacy legislation, you can make a complaint to the authorities here: Data Protection Ombudsman

Where and when do we transfer personal data

We use partners in the processing of personal data. For example, our database provider, email provider, invoicing partner, and customer relationship software provider have access to personal data. All our partners are data processors, with no right to use any data for their own purposes. We have data processing agreements with all of them to ensure that all personal data is handled according to privacy legislation.

Some of our partners are located in countries outside the EU/EEA. In all transfers from EU/EEA countries, we have ensured that the transfer occurs according to the requirements laid out in GDPR, for example by Model Clauses drawn up by the European Commission.


Do we disclose personal data?

If our business is sold, we may disclose the personal data in our possession to the buyer. In no other case will we disclose your personal data to other parties, unless this is legally required by the public authorities or applicable legislation.


How do we protect personal data?

We take reasonable measures to protect personal data concerning you from unauthorized access or against loss, misuse or alteration by third parties. Despite these efforts to store personal data collected in and through the service in a secure operating environment that is not available to the public, we cannot guarantee the security of personal data during its transmission or its storage on our systems. Furthermore, while we attempt to ensure the integrity and security of personal data, we cannot guarantee that our security measures will prevent third parties, such as so-called hackers, from illegally obtaining access to personal data. We do not warrant or represent that personal data about you will be protected against, loss, misuse, or alteration by third parties.

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