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Make your Salesforce Service Cloud multilingual with Transfluent

Level up your customer support with AI-enhanced translations

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High-quality translations designed for customer support and easily customisable for your needs

Fast and efficient

Embedded in Salesforce Service Cloud without any extra steps for your agents. It's so fast it will save you time!

Over 80 languages

Cost effective solution to serve customers in over 80 languages without any need to hire extra agents


It’s fast so it will save you time

The near real-time AI-enabled translations lets your customer support agents answer to international customers in English, while the customers receive a reply in their own language.

It strengthens your relationship with your customers as you can deal with them in their preferred language. For agents, the app is a familiar and easy tool to use as, when installed, it’s part of Salesforce Service Cloud.

Transfluent for Salesforce Service Cloud helps you scale up by providing language resource without recruitment.

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